Temujin Doran – North

September 11, 2012

“We often believe that our own time is at last modern and we are the last men who can act with the authority and weight of the generations that came before us. The wisdom of all human history, gathered together to inform our decisions, yet after a century of knowledge we have arrived here and now, once again cursed by resource and conflict, and unable to change.

In another century, whatever happens to the world we know, those who look back will marvel at us for better or worse. Our actions and decisions will be studied for years, as they attempt to understand us better – those modern men from the past, with a vague intellect and a comfortable heart…, yet the finer they were, the frailer, and the cleverer, the more wrong headed.” – Temujin Doran

North from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

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June 18, 2012

.. an obscure & pervasive consumption that despite its seriality or multiplicity is felt as deeply personal…western cultures optical unconscious

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Movement in Many Parts

June 12, 2012

Movement in Many Parts

Kearny Street Workshop/ Asian Resource Center Gallery

July 13 – September 28, 2012

Opening reception:  Friday, July 13, 5-9pm

Curated by Lucy Kalyani Lin and Weston Teruya

Kim Anno
Susan Chen
Mik Gaspy
Amy M. Ho
Noritaka Minami
Christine Nguyen
Genevieve Quick
Sanjit Sethi
Meeson Pae Yang

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Monster Drawing Rally 2012 – Southern Exposure

June 09, 2012

These found homes, yay :)!

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Staking Claim to the North Pole – Interactive natural resources map

April 16, 2012


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Continental Drift

April 10, 2012

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New Work

March 30, 2012

New works in Recycled DesiresGeo Shipspacebear_webMid Night DayMid Day Night


John Martin vs B.P. John Martin v. B.P

New Video: 4 x 5 Degrees 4x5still_blackrectangles_ship_dissolve4x5still_ship24x5still_squall4x5still_dissolveblackparticles4x5still_paperweightsea4x5still_shipstars

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Shell Arctic Spill Response Plan Gets Approval

March 28, 2012

Arctic drilling: Beaufort Sea oil spill response plan approved

Shell Alaska's earlier drilling program in the Chukchi Sea. (Royal Dutch Shell / March 28, 2012)

Shell Alaska's earlier drilling program in the Chukchi Sea. (Royal Dutch Shell / March 28, 2012)

By Kim Murphy continue…

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A Dangerous Gamble in the Arctic

March 21, 2012

A Dangerous Gamble in the Arctic

by Bill Meadows

The Arctic recently sent a strong warning that hubris has no place in one of the world’s most challenging, high-stakes environments. Shell Oil, which is ready to take a dangerous drilling gamble in the Arctic’s icy waters, should take note.

In mid-February, the Spanish company Repsol suffered a blowout at its onshore Qugruk 2 well on Alaska’s North Slope. Drillers hit a pocket of gas more than 2,500 feet beneath the surface. Natural gas and an estimated 42,000 gallons of drilling mud spewed from the well, and workers evacuated the rig to avoid the risk of an explosion or fire. After nearly a month of trying to bring the well under control — made more difficult with temperatures so cold it was impossible to operate outdoor equipment — Repsol decided to plug and abandon the well. Drilling mud cleanup will begin now that the well has been plugged.

After the blowout, the well’s hydraulic lines and other components quickly froze in the frigid Arctic air. Despite losing its well, Repsol was lucky; no workers were injured or killed, and no oil was spilled. Things could have been much worse. continue…

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Naica Crystal Cave

November 16, 2011

Discovered in 2000, the interior of this cave is 122 degrees Fahrenheit and close to 100% humidity. The gypsum (selenite) crystals are over 500,000 years old and the largest 36ft long!

Read more here

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We Have “Learned Nothing” from BP Disaster: Obama Opens More of Arctic to Offshore Drilling

November 09, 2011

Yesterday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced the Obama Administration’s highly anticipated plan for proposed offshore oil and gas leases from 2012-2017.  It focuses on exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and giving oil companies the chance to bid on drilling rights in Arctic waters, including the Beaufort and Chukchi seas and the Cook Inlet.

Because the plan targets areas with known potential for oil and gas development where exploration is currently active, the administration is ruling out drilling along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts — including an area near Virginia that had been slated for exploration prior to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. continue…

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Still doubtful that the Arctic ice is melting? Shipping companies are banking on it

October 04, 2011

If you do not like science, there are now more and more commercial verification of climate change

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Proof: Southern Exposure’s Juried Exhibition

Reception on Friday, September 16, 2011, from 6 – 9 pm.

I’m excited to be one of the 45 artists chosen out of 535 entries!

Proof: Southern Exposure’s Entry-Fee Free Juried Exhibition of work by Northern California Artists

Juror: Denise Markonish, Curator at Mass MoCa

Exhibition Dates: September 16 – October 8, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, September 16, 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm continue…

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Damaged By 1928 Flood, Pompeii Painting by John Martin restored

September 04, 2011

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August 31, 2011

Shadowshop: Local Art for Mass Distribution

December 2 – April 28, SFMOMA

Shadowshop is a temporary, alternative store and distribution point, organized by artist Stephanie Syjuco, and embedded in the museum’s fifth floor galleries.

contributiing :Islands mini CD, by Chin Xaou Ti Won with bonus painting on paper

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Review In Monterey County Weekly of New Enterprise Phase 3

July 31, 2011

Review In Monterey County Weekly of New Enterprise Phase 3
by Mica Quintana

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Attack of the Jellyfish: Sea Creatures Shut Down ANOTHER Power Station Amid Claims Surge is Due to Climate Change

July 06, 2011

By Joe Romm on Jul 6, 2011 at 12:53 pm

Another power station was shut down by jellyfish today amid claims that climate change is causing a population surge among the species.

Swarm: Hundreds of jellyfish blocked the water-supply grills at the Hadera plant

Swarm: Hundreds of jellyfish blocked the water-supply grills at the Hadera plant continue…

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Butterflies come out earlier than ever

June 07, 2011

Britain’s butterflies were on the wing earlier than ever before this spring following a warm April, a wildlife charity has said. continue…

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Russia Recruits Giant Snails to Monitor Air Pollution

January 18, 2011

  on 01.18.11

We’ve heard of giant snails used as a great food source for undernourished communities, and even used as a way to save gorillas. But now, can the miracle creature also help Russia with air pollution problems?

According to PhysOrg, a Russian waterworks facility is using six Achatina snails, or giant African snails, to test a way to monitor pollution from its sewage incinerator. Fitted with heart monitors and motion sensors, the snails — which have lungs and breathe air — will go about their business while researchers take readings and determine the pollution levels in the air coming from the incinerator. continue…

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Themohaline Circulation screening at Temescal Street Cinema

June 17, 2010

Themohaline Circulation screening at Temescal Street Cinema 2010, 8pm
curated by Royal Nonesuch Gallery
Reception 7-8 pm at gallery before screening

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